The Best On-line Volume Ordering System!

Packed with features and support for many different work-flows, It's easy to see why OSP is the best on-line ordering system for volume photography.


OSP is packed with features.

Mobile Friendly

OSP's shopping cart works well on any device. Shoppers can start on one device and finish on another.

Greenscreen Support

Shoppers can see background changes in real time. Then, we render the image with background into the product graphics for the best shopper experience. Mix and match backgrounds in a package, up-charge for certain backgrounds, choose from our backgrounds, or upload your own, or both.

Email Marketing

One more thing you don't have to worry about. Let OSP handle your email marketing campaigns. Basic email marketing (Initial notice, Drip reminders, Final notice) is free with OSP. Get premium email marketing features including holiday sales campaigns and much more for a small fee.

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More Features

Built in Re-Make system

These types of orders no longer have to be made through your original workflow software such as Flow or PLIC Match. It's easy to fix any order issue in seconds with OSP.

Flexible Price Lists

Offer things like units, file downloads, downloads of all poses, multi-pose packages, no print products, build-your-own packages, metal prints, gallery wraps, finishing options, retouching, and more...

Customizable Home Pages

Each studio is provided 6 customizable landing pages for gallery searches that you can customize with your own graphics. One for schools, sports, dance, seniors, babies, and portraits. Also, you can offer direct links to projects or individual galleries. A short url option is also available.

Auto Pre-touching

Pre-Touch is an amazing new service exclusively available on OSP. OSP will apply automatic software retouching to all of your photos as they are uploading. It does skin smoothing, blemish and shine removal, and can reduce severe acne. The result is better looking images at the time of sales so your customers will be more likely to purchase.


Support for leading industry workflows

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Even More Features

Offer On-line Pre-Payment

Accept on-line pre-payments before a shoot to avoid manually charging credit cards. Customers then enter a payment code on paper order forms instead of cc info while the funds are automatically transfered to your bank account commission free.

Promo Codes and Discounts

Everyone loves a deal! So, give your shoppers what they want. With OSP you can create many different types of discounts and promo codes and even include them in your email marketing campaigns.

Free and Commission Free.

You're gonna save so much money. OSP is a FREE service offered by ACI Lab to it's customers. At ACI we love making pictures. Whats the catch? Simple. All print orders from OSP must be fulfilled at ACI. That's it. You keep all the money.

Graphs and Reports.

Compare your year to year and / or project to project sales using pre made graphs and customizable reports.

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C&C Design Studio

“Switching to OSP for our dance schools was the best decision we've ever made. We sell more because the shopping cart is more intuitive and we save a ton because there's no commission. Plus the orders are automatically fulfilled by the lab so there's no work.”

Nouveau Photeau

“We started working with ACI 2 years ago after being with the same lab for over 30 years. Steve, Pat and Mark did everything they could to help make the transition a very smooth one. One of the first things they did, and one of the deciding factors in our ultimately choosing ACI, was to introduce us to OrderSchoolPix (OSP). We fell in love with the whole program right away and then they started adding new features to it. One new thing is the Email Marketing, which has been great for us. The staff at ACI is great at supporting OSP and they are also very good at listening to and acting on suggestions. Try it, you’ll like it!”

Greenfield Photo

“We've tried the others. OSP is hands-down the best! Their customer service is great too! And it's FREE!”

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